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Originally posted by Sir_Homer
ARGH the time has almost come
in about an hour or so im giong to the store
ill come back with a radeon or gf2 pro (well i dunno i might buy a pro online)
so i might come back with a RAdeon or nothing (if i choose to order) i have to be honest... im a gamer... i want like 60+ maybe 70+ fps with good quality. i know the Gf2s can do that by the benchmarks and i dont know about radeon because it gets crap benchmarks cause they were all done with bad drivers. The only reason im considering the radeon is the fact taht supposedly its got better quality but i wonder if id even be able to tell... i doubt it

Hope you get to read this before you go, maybe it'l shed some light on your situation...

The current GF2 series is almost obsolete for newe, DX8 games as they have next to no support for DX8. So you'd be getting 0FPS with GF2 in a game that is based upon DX8 unless it has (which it probably will, I suppose) some kind of legacy DX7 options for the graphics...but they won;t look nearly as good. Environmet Bump Mapping and DOT3 bump mapping alpone are enough for me to recommend the Radeon won't believe your eyes when you see this implimented in games. Get the Radeon now if you MUST upgrade, but be advised, when the GF3 and RadII (and maybe Matrox G800?) come out, you're gonna want to upgrade again for sure...

No need for a GF2 card if you want any DX8 functionality...they don't have it.
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