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I loved the spaceworld 2000 zelda just because it was a technical masterpiece.


I would prefer playing the new zelda ALOT MORE than the "realisic" looking one.

First, its like Zelda- link to the past on SNES in terms of art and style, which is something that was lacking in the n64 zelda games! Zelda Lttp was the BEST zelda of all times! The new zelda cube looks exactly like it with its art and atmosphere but in 3d !

I love it, i went crazy last night when i saw the shots but when i saw the video this morning, i felt in love with it. Sure, link now looks younger than before, but so what, he's link, he's always been young in past games anyway.

Oh and this game has the best cel-shading i've ever seen in a videogame, its like a freaking cartoon!

Anyway, before anyone go nuts over this, go play Zelda on snes, then look at the movie and tell me it wont be fun
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