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Originally Posted by Koenig View Post
Really interesting theory out there about the ending:

The reason for the three seemingly bleak and gloomy endings and apparent lack of choices is from the effects of indoctrination, possibly from Object Rho in "Arrival" dlc. There is a bunch of stuff being posted out there, but I don't have time to post it all. The biggest indicator is the perfect ending has Shepard somehow back in the rubble of London where he would have been right as the team was hit by Harbinger. I add more to this later.
Wow, that is interesting. Thanks dude. At first I thought it was just wishful thinking, but tweets like this one make you think they might be on to something:

@maseffect Do you think fans can become indoctrinated by Bioware

Mass Effect‏@
@reibback_flam Shhh.... Absolutely not! *shifty eyes*

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