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Originally Posted by caveman-jim View Post
AFAIK unganged mode means it won't run 128-bit (i.e. dual channel) even with correct slot population, but does allow 64-bit simulataneous reads & writes (which is pretty awesome).
To clarify ganged and unganged are both dual channel 128-bit modes. Ganged, you can think of classic dual-channel memory that was used with a single core CPU (Athlon 64). Unganged takes the memory controller, and splits it into 2 x 64-bit instead of 1 x 128-bit. As Jim said, the cores now have their own memory controller to work with and provides for simultaneous reads & writes. This is where it gets crappy, some motherboard manufacturers simply refer to it is single channel (unganged) and dual channel (ganged) which is incorrect. To check if you're truly operating in single channel (1 x 64-bit), load up CPU-Z and look at the Memory tab. If anyone has some info on performance differences between unganged vs ganged, please post it. I might do some testing later on myself.

Found a quick benchmark on it. There's not really an appreciable difference in real-world scenarios.

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