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Default Aha!

I figured it out!!!

Ok, so I think I discovered a bug. Here's the deal:

With the Aero interface turned on, but with Window Animations and other Fade In/Out and Taskbar / Menu Animations turned off, that causes the hang when Unlocking Windows from a Locked state.

Leaving all of those set to Default when enabling the Aero Interface and there is no pause when returning to the Desktop after Unlocking the machine.

I tried this with a new account and with my existing account and the problem is reproducible.

I always turn those animations off because I hate waiting for the stupid things. I just want things to snap and pop into or out of existence. I only thought about trying this because I hate giving up. So, I created a new account to see if it had the problem. It didn't. Aero defaulted to on with the new account. I noticed the animations and a little light bulb went off in my head.

The problem seems to be related directly to the top selection in the Visual Effects list in the Advanced System Properties dialog: "Animate controls and elements inside windows" Toggling that option makes the problem reproducible.

I just thought I would share.

Maybe we can clean this thread up and add it to the Caveman Stickies.

EDIT: Thanks Cavedude!

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