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Did someone say, RGSSAA?
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SIrPauly can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficultySIrPauly can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficultySIrPauly can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficulty


LOL! Did go to nZone to download Age of empires to check it out in Stereo3d and found this:

Darkest of days Interview:

Question to NVIDIA: Can PhysX run on OpenCL?

NVIDIA: Any language out there that promotes GPU computing is something we’re excited about. Hopefully you guys saw the press release we put out that talked about us being the first to deliver an OpenCL driver for developers. It’s one of the reasons Apple picked this top to bottom on their notebooks and a lot of their desktops because we have OpenCL support; we plan on supporting OpenCL. We’re working very closely with Microsoft on DirectX Compute, but we’re also working on our C implementation that runs on our CUDA hardware architecture. So CUDA will support all the languages. It’ll support C; it’ll support OpenCL; it’ll support DirectX Compute.

In terms of PhysX, right now we’ve got a pretty large, deep infrastructure already built with PhysX the way it is, the toolset that we have. We’ve got multi-platform support across Wii, Playstation3, Xbox 360 and even the iPhone now and now on the PC we support GPU, CPU and if people want, even the older PPU is still supported. So right now our plan is to just keep PhysX the way it is moving forward and support the developers the way we are today.

Is it fair to say that Intel and AMD are more or less jumping on the OpenCL bandwagon?

NVIDIA: OpenCL is something we’re embracing. In fact, if you look at the Khronos Group that manages OpenCL, Neil Trevitt who works at NVIDIA sits on the board and is actually the head of the Kronos Group. So our plan is that anything that pushes OpenCL forward is something that we’re going to support.

The rest of the interview was how PhysX will enhance the environment which is nice and never thought of how PhysX could effect Ash and smoke from a volcano, hehe, imaginations are great!
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