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It's working okay here with 9.2's through ATT (I haven't got CCC installed). I need the setting to fix a "green frame" that appears in outdoor places of Tomb Raider 6 - Angel of Darkness when using AA.

In my registry, I have two branches related to the Catalysts. It's always been so with any Catalyst version, vcard or system that I've had. One of the branches seems to collect some defaults and the other has the settings in use. When you update the drivers, the ancient pair of branches may stick depending on how do you exactly update, and possibly on other things (I just don't know), so check that you're not playing with an ancient branch just in case.

I don't know if it means anything, but I haven't got any PixelCenter_NA value here. There are PixelCenter_DEF REG_SZ ones in each branch always at "0" both, and a PixelCenter REG_BINARY one in the settings branch that can be at "30 00" (off) or "31 00" (on).

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