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Default Windows 7 working drivers thread

This thread is for driver versions that are known to work with Windows 7. I made it because a lot of good links are getting buried in the W7 threads and some of this stuff might come in handy for someone making a new install. Also alot of us are using Win 7 as our primary OS so this thread should serve as reference for all the drivers we might need.

I'll start it with the new version of Intel Matrix Storage Manager that is obviously important to anyone running a RAID setup in Win 7.*&lang=eng

Post anything you can find; sound, video, webcam, anything. Is there a new Realtek driver that gives access to the Realtek control panel? I can't find one.

If you find that a Vista driver works in W7 let us know that too, I've read about a lot of them working. Unfortunately the Vista 64 drivers for my Webcam don't work though .

Edit: List so far nvidia Windows 7 driver Realtek HD Audio driver Creative X-Fi driver ATi Windows 7 beta driver Broadcom netXtreme desktop drivers v11.7.3.0 Rear Speaker Distortion FIX ( Realtek HD ) NVIDIA drivers for Windows 7 Beta SB Audigy Support Pack 2.18.0001W7 (01/10/2009) X-Fi Xtreme Audio Basic Driver for Windows 7 32-bit / 64-bit Intel Chipset+RAID drivers Gigabyte SATA II RAID Driver and Broadcom Ethernet NIC NetXtreme desktop driver

Keep 'em coming guys!
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