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Today, we are meeting the latest rumor from CeBIT in Hanover, Germany. According to AMD and ATI graphics business firms AIB senior officials, R600 will be ATI AMD Techday 16 days after the formal sessions, But it is formally released yet clear. CeBIT07 venue other source, R600 will be formally announced in six weeks after that date in early May. In the production and manufacturing process, the R600 will be used outside the current 80nm production process. But according to the venue rumors, AMD hopes R600 chip production using 65nm technology, The reason is that under R600 chip yields 80nm process is not high, a more serious problem and leakage. R600 will continue to be performed by TSMC TSMC OEM. In addition, R600 Reorganized voltage source confirmed the rumor, Now the fact is that R600 R650, and the coming days may test results. R650 allegedly demanding more efficiency.
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