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Originally Posted by dragondestroyer
I had originally wanted a bugzilla, but now I have the opinion that it is unecessary. All Matthew has to do is address the issue thread here or the various distros bugzillas. I am assuming though that he has not addressed the issues here because he prefers the issues to be brought up on the distro bugzillas or that the issues will be addressed in the next driver release. Only time will tell.
I do monitor the issues thread and some of the issues are out of date or should be in a FAQ. (Xv in XOrg 6.7/XF 4.3.99, Xv on secondary head, etc.)

I do get CCed in various distros BT systems, but if somebody wants to set up an unofficial Rage3D bugzilla I would monitor that. I can't guarantee that all bugs will be fixed immeadiately, but it does make it easier to manage - screenshots, patches, individual logs, automagic notification, etc.


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