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caveman-jim Feb 10, 2012 11:16 AM

donanimhaber slide reveals AMD's 2012 CPU/APU plans?
A new slide has appeared at donanimhaber.com, which is alleged to show AMD's 2012 APU roadmap. Of course, the big problem is it misspels Vishera, AMD's codename for Piledriver based FX processors.

There are various entries here that are interesting, so lets start at the top.

First of all, in the quarter 1 column we see the already launched FX series using the Zambezi die, part of the Bulldozer family. Below that we see new LLano APU's, a 3820, 3620 and 3420. Expect breathed up CPU cores with Turbo Core in some form or fashion. At the bottom end Brazos gets laid out, there the E350 has been replaced (some time ago) by two products, an E-300 and an E-450.

Quarter two shakes things up, looks like new 6-core and 4-core Zambezi derivatives will be with us. The big bang is Trinity, the new APU based on Piledriver cores (Bulldozer family, first revision of the design). The Trinity APU's sit on top of Llano, aiming a little higher in performance and price. Trinity is to feature 7600 series graphics, which we know will be VLIW4 (see AMD's Northern Islands Cayman design for architecture, but not performance) instead of GCN. At the bottom end Brazos gets a revision, now Brazos 2.0, a four digit model number, and 7-series graphics - but it's not known if these are VLIW5 or VLIW4 architecture; likely VLIW5.

Quarter 3 brings Vishera, the second generation of FX which uses the new Piledriver CPU cores first seen in Trinity. This is going to be binned in 4,6 and 8 core varients, replacing the 4100/6100/8100 lineup with 4300/6300/8300 models. In the APU space, Trinity will continue it's roll out and replace Llano APU's, A8-5500's, A6-5400's and A4-5300's replacing the A8-3800/A6-3600/A4-3400 products. The new A4/6/8-5x00 series will have 7000 series graphics integrated, contining from the A8/A10 launched in the previous quarter. No change at the bottom end, Brazos 2.0 continues.

So, what we have is a reconstructed roadmap, from someone who's seen or talked with somebody who's got the real thing, but this isn't the actual slide. This could be to protect a mole, or could be just to get info out quickly without waiting for confirmation. Either way, load up your earth moving equipment with salt as you carry this information with you around the web.

Blacklash Feb 10, 2012 11:30 AM

Interesting. I may grab a Vishera to toy with.

Guess we will see.

noko Feb 11, 2012 05:47 AM

May grab a fx 8350/20 if AM3+, takes less power, better IPC(performance), OCs well. Upgrade with Win8 as well.

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