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Topgunz Jan 25, 2003 06:56 PM

R8500LE Overclock
hey, i was wondering what i could overclock my graphics card without screwing it up. the default settings are 249/200 im wondering if ya'll know the average settings of overclocking this card?

N3M Jan 25, 2003 07:19 PM

Do you have the one from Sapphire? Mine was also default at
250/200. I currently have it at 275/235. I wasn't able to get
it up to retail speeds though (250/250 I think).

Topgunz Jan 25, 2003 07:35 PM

yeah mine is a sapphire one, OEM, and my specs are

AMD Athlon XP 2000+
256DDR PC 2100
Radeon 8500 LE
Soundblaster Live Value

anyways can i overclock it to the speed u got it clocked at? and this is my frist time trying to overclock anything so i dont know hardly anything about it.

N3M Jan 25, 2003 10:56 PM

I'm not too experienced with OC'ing myself. But so far I've had
no problems. I think if you push the memory past 240 you
start seeing artifacts.

Topgunz Jan 26, 2003 12:41 AM

so if i clocked it by 275/235 i shouldent have any problems? and what do u recommend to do after i clock it? run a game or something?

blitzkrieg53 Jan 26, 2003 01:25 AM

from what I can tell I got my brothers up to 275/275 with just a bios flash, it came clocked at 230/230 before

Topgunz Jan 26, 2003 01:50 AM

so how do u bios flash?

Tyrant Jan 26, 2003 06:43 AM

Well, when you overclock anything, it's always a good idea to test things out.

So run some games, 3dMark, and such for a bit and see if any screen corruption occurs. If you don't experience any freezing or artifacts, you can stick with the speeds, or overclock it a bit more.

riles9262 Jan 26, 2003 12:42 PM

just try to use an oc prog like powerstrip, radeonator whatever, dont jump into a bios flash too soon. just try increasing each core and mem in small intervals and test, say at 3-5mhz intervals. then test, run 3dmark, or a serious sam demo or something. if you dont see flashing and/or artifacting keep going. once you see some artifacting, downclock it by a few mhz and youll have your max. you shouldnt fry your card at all. i think you should reach retail speeds (275 +) for the core, buy you probably have 4 or 5 ns mem so you maybe be stuck to less than 250 for the memory. good luck

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