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Pirate Neilsouth Oct 30, 2006 03:47 PM

My movies , xvid / dvix / svcd are skipping!!
Just got myself an xvid movie to watch and its skipping on every second frame , smooth/skip/smooth/skip... i thought it was just a bad encode, so i watched a dvd movie and its doing it aswell.

My games are no problem now after getting a new motherboard but my movies :mad:

Just found this post


My system was defined in device manager as "ACPI single processor PC".
Later I installed another CPU(the same as above) and my system now is "ACPI multiprocessor PC" and here I got all the problems:
DiVX and DVD cannot be played, I mean I can play it but movie all the time jumps FORWARDfor few seconds and then plays Ok and jumps again... It's not resyncronization,no, video and sound are Ok it just jumps ... If I change driver for system back to single processor it's OK... :( What could it be?
Hmmm although i do have the dual core drivers and optimizer , maybe its acpi related

vazel Oct 31, 2006 08:40 AM

Try changing the video mixer. My fave is VMR9 but some people have tearing with that in which case fall back to VMR7. Change it in Media Player Classic which is free or my fave Zoom Player which is not free.

Pirate Neilsouth Oct 31, 2006 08:49 AM

Cheers will let you know what happens , waiting for a new movie anyway :evil:

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