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Zannhart Nov 27, 2002 04:05 PM

Games keep minimizing
I just got a new computer with Radeon 9700 graphics card and am having a strange problem running some games.

When I start certain games the game will minimize on the opening screen and bring me back to the desktop, if I switch back to the game it will keep doing the samething. The only way I can keep the game from minimizing and playing it is if I keep clicking the mouse button when I switch back to it.

One game maker suggested adding -opengl in the target area of the shortcut for the game. For some of the games with this problem it fixed the problem when the game starts, but if I switch to another program, like to check my mail or something, then switch back to the game I still have the same problem where I have to keep clicking the mouse button to keep the game open.

Well, that was just a minor problem at first but now with some other games after the game minimizes and I try keeping it open by clicking the mouse button it will still minimize the game again and again, I have to go through this like 10 times before I can finally keep the game open and play it. It's getting very annoying and frustrating.

For some games there is no problem at all, and no programs that I've tried running have had this problem yet either, and even the games that have this problem when I can finally play it it runs just fine and the graphics are great and everything.

I have the latest drivers for everything.

Any help/advice would be appreciated, thank you.

Tommelom Nov 27, 2002 05:26 PM

Have you installed the "Impossible Creatures" demo from Microsoft? I read about a guy having the same problem and it was caused by that demo. As soon as he uninstalled it everything was OK.

If this isn't the case, maybe it's something else you have installed that's creating the problem. Try uninstalling programs one by one, as it's probably something running in the background that's the cause. Also check your startup progs (with MSConfig and in your programs menu startup folder). Hope this helps.


cereal killa Nov 29, 2002 12:08 AM

Nice System Tommelom!

I am suffering the same issue with games. After doing some investigating I found the cause of the problem. Direct3D! If you go into C:\WINDOWS\system32\dxdiag.exe and run the dxdiag program, you will not be able to complete the direct3D test. It will give you an error message something like you moved your mouse and it couldn't run the test.

My comp was fine until I installed Unreal T 2003. Then I had problems with MS Rallisport and NFS HP2 as well. I was having exactly the same problems. I installed directx 8.2 and it fixed the problem for one day, and then the same stupidness came back again while I was running 3DMark2001SE, a benchmarking program. I just reinstalled XP (due to a corrupt windows system file the repair console couldn't fix) and direct3D runs fine again. My reccomendation is to install directX8.2 (i just did) or you could take a chance and install the NEW directx 9 (BETA).

It's my opinion that directx9 will solve all the stupid problems you and many others are having. I like my nice stable system tho, so I am gonna wait.

How is the LiteOn burner? Apparently all Sony CD-RW's are made by LiteOn now!

Cereal Killa


DirectX 9.0 RC0 Public Beta (Wednesday 13th November, 2002)

"DirectX 9.0 Beta End-User is now available for download to the public. This pre-release version expires on March 19, 2003. Users must install a final version of DirectX 9.0 prior to that date to ensure continued proper operation of their system."


Radeon 7500 AIW
AMD Athlon XP 2100+
ASUS A7A 266
512MB Infineon DDR 333
2 x IBM - 60GB, 40 GB Deskstar
Promise Ultra100 TX2
Antec TruePower 430W
Soundblaster Audigy
Pioneer DVD
Aopen 40x CD/RW

Tommelom Nov 29, 2002 11:00 AM

Thanks, Cereal. Very similar to your system, actually, except of course for my lovely 9700 :D . While it's not the newest, gretest system out there, it runs extremely well (except for the R9700 stuttering problem), and it hasn't cost me an arm and a leg, as I'm upgrading bit by bit, adding a cpu here, a burner there etc. The 1600+ cost me $55 and runs very well @ 1.8 Ghz. Amazing overclocker, that one.

I'm very happy with the LiteOn. Fast, and works without a hitch. Cheap, also. You can get the LiteOn 48/24/48 now at Newegg.com for $57. That's a bargain!

As for the minimizing issue, I'm positive a windows reinstall would do the trick if all else fails. This could be a tedious process if your not prepared. After I had some problems which forced me to reinstall XP 4 times, I'm now using Norton Ghost, and that makes reinstalling very fast and easy. In about 15-20 mins I can be up and running a fresh install with SP1 and all my tweaks already there. Recommended for everyone, because you always have to reinstall windows at some point.


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