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Sorrow Jun 3, 2014 02:18 PM

Magicka: Wizard Wars
Currently in open beta and available on steam.. (600mb download) - http://store.steampowered.com/app/202090/

So get this, you're given 8 "elements" to work with

Water, healing, shielding, ice, lightning, dark magic, rock, and fire, also.. you are given 4 "ultimate abilities". Haste, moving fire wall, rez spell, AoE meteor strike are you beginning ones, but you can purchase other ones in the store

You combine 3 spells at a time to create different spells.

For example, you can press fire, fire, fire.. and it will create a cone of fire in front of you... you can do fire, fire, shield, and it will create a fire wall... you can press watre, ice, ice and create ice spears... and so on

You can cast on yourself (AoE), friendlies, and enemies.. also there is friendly fire

I'ma play later if anyone wants to skype and play with me

CoolNitro Jun 3, 2014 02:37 PM

I downloaded it to give it a try the other day but couldn't join any games due to server issues, Magicka the single / coop game was awesome but this game is PvP focused with matches being either 1v1 or 5v5 team death match I believe.

I would say it would be quite a bit of fun considering the amount of spell combinations and cross over between players such as one player casting water to soak people and another casting chain lightning though with that said a lot of spells can backfire which could double the fun.

Silent-Runner Jun 4, 2014 03:50 AM

The original Magicka already had pvp, sometimes a errmm.. not intended pvp :lol: :lol: (can't count the times some friends got pushed over edges, down stairs...into water and so on)

Also loved all the eastereggs. Will give it a try when i'm back home.

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