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TheBeagle Sep 8, 2000 06:35 PM

found a link on viahardware.com may fix some issues.. maybe turbo mode will work? will test tonight and let you guys know.. unless someone beats me to it :)

TheBeagle Sep 8, 2000 06:37 PM

actually the agp version is 4.04.. still newer than 4.03d :)

Woulff Sep 9, 2000 01:04 PM

I'm using a Tyan Tiger 133 1834. I don't have any problems with my Radeon 64 VIVO now that I've installe the new 4in1 VIA drivers (turbo mode). I still have one game that runs slow. Comanche vs Hokum. Oh, and Longbow Digital Arts Particle Fire 2. Both run very slow. Other than those, all other are FAST FAST FAST! :D

Chris Mac Sep 9, 2000 01:23 PM

Someone please do a before and after benchmark and see if there's any difference.


TheBeagle Sep 9, 2000 03:13 PM

well I tried em... doesn't seem to make any difference.. although I was able to use the turbo mode with 2x support but it was still unstable on my ka7-100. so I went back to 4x with normal mode... performance didn't seem to be affected just stability.

PeoplesChampion Sep 9, 2000 06:18 PM

I got 2 extra fps on Q3A. But I also switched to 3056 drivers at the same time, so it might have caused that.

Wags Sep 9, 2000 11:18 PM

I tried them to, but I am still only able to run in AGPx1 on my KA7. :(


noko Sep 10, 2000 08:40 AM

Same Here

KA7 + Radeon = 1xAGP to play games
Anything else the Radeon is playing with you.

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