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mcf Jun 19, 2001 10:25 PM

What do you think? Alternate software: Intervideo and Cyberlink!
After reviewing all the posts, it is still looks as if everyone continues to have trouble with the ATI software in its current incarnation.

Has anyone had any experience with Intervideo or Cyberlink's products? Here are the links to their sites:

Both companies seem to offer solid products for recording and editing. Perhaps using our AIW or Radeon VIVO along with Intervideo or Cyberlink software would fulfill the promise that ATI hopes to keep...someday.

If anyone is using Intervideo or Cyberlink software, please post the info/results to keep this thread active. I'll do the same!


fucoxanthin Jun 20, 2001 12:27 AM

OK, I just checked 'em both out. Interlink's WinDVR works quite well, but it has a problem of taking up large amounts of system resources (much like ATI's software). Cyberlink's PowerVCR doesn't have that problem, but unfortunately it's image quality is worse, having a noticable fuzz.

I'll have a space for both applications, WinDVR for solely watching TV and PowerVCR to watch TV while doing work.

I'll try the video capture options next to see which performs better.

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