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webmedic Jul 18, 2003 03:39 PM

Hanners you ok
Are you sure some of your boxes did not get shut down? I cant imagine tinker kicking you this bad.

Anyway here hopeing for a speedy recovery. My sun shine on you today Hanners.

Hanners Jul 19, 2003 07:47 AM

Yep, this really is almost 100% due to switching back to Tinker - I'm running completely on Intel machines, so I suffer really badly from this.

There probably haven't been quite as many of my machines running due to people taking holiday and so on, but not enough to affect things a great deal.

I guess I'll just have to sit tight and pray for some Gromacs WUs to start coming to me soon. :(

EDIT: By the way weekends are always bad for me anyway, as almost all my machines are shut down anyhow.

Lupine Jul 19, 2003 12:27 PM

Hopefully the Tinker situation for you will be short-lived. I had a bunch earlier in the week, but now all of my systems are back to crunching Gromacs.

CoolLion Jul 19, 2003 02:45 PM

I know how it feels. Only 4 AMD in my farm rest is all intel

webmedic Jul 20, 2003 01:10 AM

Hm sorry to hear that I usually shut down for one day a week also. My output may be affected here shortly believe it or not it almost 90 in my shop at all times this summer and even gets in to the mid 90's kind of regular. Thats what like 35c or so anyway with the heat it's kinda well hot in here. I may start shuting a few down to keep the heat down some.

wandernACE64 Jul 21, 2003 02:09 AM

u think that is bad....these will be the temps for the next 5 days at where i live....100, 99, 99, 100, 99 :hmm: :bleh:

webmedic Jul 21, 2003 08:51 AM

yup it's supposed to be like that outside here also this week. Inside is not much better thogh and at night I don't get below 80 or so for now.

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