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The Phantom Mar 30, 2002 08:22 PM

Jedi Knight jedi outcast Low fps outdoors
I got a little problem whit my jedi knight. when im going from inside to outside my fps is dropping to 10 to 20 fps even on medium in settings (also whit all other settings disable(shadows astrofiltering an so on) an allmost all settings in ati drivers set to performance.
inside i get around 60 to 80 fps.

Im running 6043 under win2k.

Anyone knows how to fix this.


800 duron
asus a7v 133 (bios 1007)
1024 mb ram
2 ibm 60 gxp 60 gb in raid 0 (on the motherboard)
Evil Master II Radeon 8500 PRO 64MB DDR Retail (275/275)
Diver version (5.13.6015) (also tryed 6043)
Via 4in1 4.38
win2k dk SP2

Hope someone can help

The Phantom

Itchiee Mar 30, 2002 08:32 PM

That seems low, even for your 800Mhz...
Are you sure that SmoothVision isn't enabled?

In OpenGL the only things I have enabled are:

Texture Compression
Page Flipping
KTX Buffer
Anisotopic Filtering Highest (16x)

The Phantom Mar 30, 2002 09:03 PM

just turn off smoothvision.
an it raise my fps up to 20-30 fps sometimes it hits 18.
so it didnt solve my problem :(

its in level 2 at the start my problem is.

The Phantom

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