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Shloppy Feb 11, 2005 06:27 AM

ATI Tray Tools Build progressions
+ Improved support for Windows XP64/ 2003 64bit.
+ Improved 3D renderer
+ Now ATT set 3D render thread priority to Idle.
+ Updated "Monitoring Graphs" module. Now you can set colors for grid and backgrounds.
+ Updated "TV/Displays" Module. Added option to operate with DDC information and to override display limits if monitor doesn't supported DDC.
+ Added confirmation dialog in "TV/Displays" module.
+ Added option to manipulate FlipQueueSize (prerender limit) value for Direct3D.
+ Added new option in tweak section. "Force Mip-Map Filter".
+ Added option to edit Lookup table for FAN in Auto Mode. (Only lm63 supported at this time)
+ Added option to send temperature value to POST indicator and to any compatible with POST indicator hardware. (Some of EPOX motherboards has POST Indicators).
+ Fixed bug with incorrect Catalyst A.I. detection

Download here or here.

Hopefully the entire FireGL product line are identified, as it correctly recognised my FireGL X1-128.

LogicSequence Feb 14, 2005 11:07 PM

Finally got around to installing this new version too. Works ALOT better than v.500, which gave me BSoD's up the A$$ :), my thanks to Ray who was able to help me with the Beta v.508. These went in with no problems, tho i'm sorry to say it still doesn't recognize my V7100.

Shloppy Feb 26, 2005 03:58 PM (February 27, 2005)

+ Added new module "Advanced Direct3D tweaks" with 16 new tweaks. The default state for most of them is unknown. So there are no "Default" button. Be careful!
+ Fixed bug in "Monitoring Graphs" module.

Download latest version here.

Shloppy Mar 17, 2005 09:53 PM

ATI Tray Tools (March 16, 2005) (March 16, 2005)

+ Updated plug-ins API. Included support for reading temperature values.
+ Improved 3D detection for Direct3D applications.
+ Updated auto 2d/3d Overclocking for OGL subsystem. Be informed the ATT incompatible with FRAPS 2.0 (for OpenGL only) and it will not be able to detect OGL games, autoverclock for OGL games, show OSD (fps) and flash information!
+ Added new module "OnScreen Display" with ability to show FPS and OSD Flash with information about current GPU/Memory speeds, temperatures and FAN Speed. OSD Flash has 3 modes to show information:
1. Auto flash every x minutes for xx seconds
2. Show all times.
3. Manual. (by hot key)
Be informed! If you select mode number 2, you must activate "Hardware Monitoring" to allow OSD Flash module show correct values for speed and temperatures!
At this moment module supports only OpenGL games and applications.
+ Added two global hot keys to change OSD Screen Corner and manually flash OSD information.
+ Added Overlay adjustment for secondary device (TV or Monitor)
+ Added Video Mode option in TV Properties. You can enable this option if your resolution is not bigger than 640x480. But if you enable TV as Clone of primary display (at any resolution), set Theater mode to "Theater" and start playing Video Files then you can activate Video Mode regardless of your video resolution. Or you can create profile with "Video Mode" activated, load it at any time and when you start to play video files, the "Video Mode" will be activated automatically.
+ Auto 2D/3D Overclocking options have been moved from "Overclocking" module to new "Automatic 2D/3D Overclocking" module.
+ Upgraded "Monitoring Graphs" module. Now each monitor can contain any monitoring sources. You can specify different colors for each monitor source. Updated "Export to TXT" and "Export to CSV" options to include all active sources in selected monitor.
+ Updated information database. Included device ID for FireGL series
+ Added support for FireGL X3-256, FireGL V5x00.
+ Updated "Use DDC" option. Now ATT will not reapply video settings if you change "Use DDC" option only.

Download them here.

KingRoLo Mar 18, 2005 02:14 PM

shloppy check your pm's

Shloppy Apr 17, 2005 07:17 AM

ATI Tray Tools Build (April 17, 2005)

* Improved 3D detection.
* Now ATT will not try to monitor application which was started from Windows folder.
* Fixed error in "DCC Configuration" window when "Override Display Limits" options becomes grayed if monitor doesn't support DDC.
* Fixed bug with display rotation assigned to hot keys.
+ Added support for Smart Shaders effects. A few custom shaders included in installation package. Look in "Smart Shaders" folder.
* Upgraded "Game Profiles" module. Now you can set individual 3D setting for game.
+ Added "Edit" button near 3D profiles selection to easy change settings in 3D profile without closing "Game Profiles" window.
+ Added "Play" button in "Auto 2d/3d" module for fast playing selected .wav file.
+ Added option to select type of font to draw FPS value
* Standard - fastest font
* Digits - fast font
+ Added support for Direct3D 8/Direct3D 9 games in OSD Module (FPS and FlashOSD).
+ Added new Flash OSD fields.
"Free Texture Memory (D3D)". - This field will show free Texture Memory. Texture memory is calculated as sum of on board video memory plus AGP Memory.
"Show 3D API Type" - This field will show used 3D API in game. (OGL/D3D8/D3D9)
"System Memory Used by process" - Show how much system memory currently used by application.
All fields in FlashOSD updated one time per second but be careful it can sometimes slow down a bit your game if you select "Show all times" mode. Because in this mode, your video board will make additional job to render all characters in FlashOSD strings every frame.
* Changed behavior of FPS meter. Now it can be hidden.
+ Added new hot key "Hide/Show FPS meter".
* Fixed some bugs in ATT Shared Memory interface module.
+ Added option to disable Aggressive 3D detection code for compatible issues.
* Updated "Monitoring Graphs". Added support for minus temperatures. * Added 2 new monitoring sources:
1. Free Video (onboard) Memory
2. Free Texture Memory (onboard memory + AGP Memory)
* Now monitor will display values at left side of line when you point your mouse over history line.
+ Added support for new X850 models
* Upgraded color correction module to support two displays. Now you can save separate color profiles for each display. Now hot keys will apply color correction only for selected display. You can change active display for color correction from Color menu or by pressing hotkey. After loading color profile, you active display for color correction also will be changed.
+ Added hot key to switch active display for color correction.
* All items from Tweak Menu moved into one Dialog Box "Standard Tweaks". TemporalAA, CatalystAI removed from menu and can be access from either Direct3D settings or OpenGL settings dialog boxes.

Download here or here.

Shloppy Apr 25, 2005 12:49 PM

ATI Tray Tools Build (April 25, 2005)

+ Added support for PAL-M TV Format
* Now ATT can detect started application and apply apropriate settings even if this application is in exception list.
+ Added missed Smart Shader effects
* Fixed bug with restoring previouse OpenGL settings in "Game Profiles"
+ Added new monitoring source "FPS Counter".
- Removed "Free Texture Memory (D3D only)" field from FLashOSD
+ Added "Free Video Memory" and "Free Texture Memory" to FlashOSD module. Will work with any 3D API.
+ Added support for Custom Smart Shader effects in Control Center mode.
* Improved support for Catalyst Control Center.
+ Added "Force Triple Buffer (D3D)" in Game profiles. This option is application depended and can not be enabled as system wide option. To be able to use Direct3D Force Tweaks you must keep enabled "Aggressive 3D Detection" option.
* Impoved Auto 2d/3d and OSD Modules.
+ Added option to select custom Smart Shader files from list of files in "Smart Shaders" folder.
* Fixed wrong detection of some Radeon 9100 boards
* Minor changes in 3D Rendering window to speed up rendering procedure up to 10%.

Download here or here.

Shloppy May 1, 2005 03:03 PM

ATI Tray Tools Build (May 1, 2005)

Fixed incompatible issues with third party shell replacements (Aston and etc.)
* Fixed bug when some games and applications can not start with enabled "Aggressive 3D Detection" option
* Fixed OSD Module when some FlashOSD fields appears as 0
* Fixed error with Pixel and Vertex shaders override option.
* Fixed error when OpenGL application can not start with Smart Shaders enabled
* Improved support for Custom Smart Shaders under Catalyst Control Center
* Updated OSD Module for OpenGL applications. Now no in game effects (like AA/AF) will affect rendering of FPS and FlashOSD.
+ Added option to disable changing FPS color if FPS Value less than 25
+ Added option to disable low level color correction. (Temporarily fix for Windows 64bit)
* Increased Maximum Overclocking limit up to 200%

Download from here or here.

Shloppy May 30, 2005 06:29 AM

ATI Tray Tools Build (May 17, 2005)

* Updated Color Module. Decreased step for gamma correction.
* Renamed "Advanced Direct3D Tweaks" to "Advanced Tweaks" and now support OpenGL tweaks too.
+ Added a few new tweaks in "Advanced Tweaks" section
* Fixed bug with OSD Plugins when no information displayed even if "Use Plug-in" was checked.
+ Added two "Hide" option in OSD module to hide separate FPS and FlashOSD (with hotkeys)
+ Added new font style for FPS Meter "Small fonts".
* Updated "System Tray Hardware Monitoring". Now you can specify font name, size and style to use in system tray icons.
+ Added new OSD Plug-in "Mother Board Monitor". This plug-in can show any information from Motherboard Monitor application in FlashOSD module.

Download here.

Shloppy Jun 7, 2005 05:15 AM

ATI Tray Tools (June 5, 2005)

* Improved OSD support for OpenGL applications
* Update rendering procedure for FlashOSD text. Now FlashOSD will use smaller spacing between characters.
* Recreated Screenshot system, Now ATT will make screen shot directly from application rendering data. If no game is active, ATT will use old WinGDI method. Be informed, OSD Module must be enabled to make in game screenshots because this system shares the same resources with OSD module.
* Updated Core name detection database (up to R520/R530 models)
- Removed plugin "OSD MotherBoard monitor"
* Added new OSD Plugin "OSD Motherboard Sensors". This OSD plugin can show information from MotherBoard monitor, SpeedFan, PC Alert (MSI)
+ Added support for X700 Mobility
+ Added support for FireGL V5000
+ Added a few new tweaks in "Additional Tweaks" section
* Fixed bug with rotation hotkey.
* Fixed some character rendering in FlashOSD module
* Now game profiles in menu will show game executable icon

Download here.

lewis_johnstone Jun 9, 2005 07:10 PM

I just installed the new catalyst 5.6 and ATI Tray Tools is making my pc crash?

This happens when i try to change any settings in ATI Tray Tools,

eg. turning on 'aa' or vsync, etc.......

Everything was working fine with catalyst 4.12?

lewis_johnstone Jun 9, 2005 08:21 PM

I just re-installed it and it's working fine again.

I've got another question,

When u do the ATI SOFTWARE UNINSTALL UTLILTY, it comes up saying do i wanna uninstall ati tray tools? (along with the usual stuff...)

Are u supposed to uninstall it, or can u just keep it on and then put on the new driver???

lewis_johnstone Jun 10, 2005 05:49 AM

I guess i spoke too soon, it's crashing my pc again?

How come it was working fine with catalyst 4.12?

Rad2owns Jun 11, 2005 02:31 PM

How can I turn off the FPS counter that shows up in every 3d application.
I dont want it!!!
Is there a button to turn it off.
Thank You.

Shloppy Jun 12, 2005 06:25 AM

ATI Tray Tools (bug fix release)(June, 10 2005)

* Recreated "Advanced Tweaks" module. Now this module will use external database files for tweaking. You can create your own files and put them in Database folder. Just look for example in predefined database files.
* Improved Catalyst Control Center support
* Fixed serious bug when new build of ATT unable to start if game executable doesn't exists

Shloppy Jun 12, 2005 06:43 AM


Originally Posted by Rad2owns
How can I turn off the FPS counter that shows up in every 3d application.
I dont want it!!!
Is there a button to turn it off.
Thank You.

Tried looking in Tools / Options / OSD?


Originally Posted by lewis_johnstone

... Are u supposed to uninstall it, or can u just keep it on and then put on the new driver???

Yes, you can keep it on and then install a driver and it will still function as will also uninstalling ATT, installing drivers and then reinstalling ATT.

Shloppy Jul 12, 2005 11:59 AM

ATI Tray Tools (June 27, 2005)
+ Added Shell Context menu for executable files. Now you can easily create/edit and delete game profiles associated with selected executable file. Just click right mouse button and select apropriate menu item from "ATI Tray Tools" menu. ATT must reside in memory to be able to do this job.
+ Added option to add offset (by X and Y) for OSD position in game profile.
+ Added option to show temperatrure in Fahrenheit. (FAN Speed table use only values in Celsius.)
+ Added new button in Game Profiles. "Detect 3D API Type". Using this button you can check what 3D API type is used in the selected profile. ATT will not be able to detect API type if the selected executable doesn't link directly to known 3D API library files like opengl32.dll, d3d8.dll, d3d9.dll.

* Updated Overlay Theater Mode. Now you can set separate settings for Clone and Extended Desktop Modes.
* Now TV settings accessible in Exntended Desktop mode too.
* Reenabled menu item to launch Windows Display Properties
* Updated installation procedure. Now if installation procedure unable to overwrite some files, it replace these files after restart. You must restart your computer in this case.

* Fixed wrong file name creation in ScreenShot module.
* Fixed some errors with Game Profiles in Control Center mode
* Fixed bug when ATT unable to start on system with Dual Monitors.

Download here.

ivanmmj Aug 3, 2005 10:50 AM

Is this ATI Tray Tools the same that Ray makes?
When I tried softmodding my 9800pro into a fireGL X2, ATT's artifact scanner went CRAZY finding thousand of artifacts, even at lower than stock speeds.

Shloppy Aug 16, 2005 01:56 AM

ATI Tray Tools (July 18, 2005)
+ Added new options into Game Profiles. Direct3D9 tweaks. Using this tweaks you can override some hardware information about your video board.
+ Added support for SMARTGART. Look in "Hardware" menu. (SMARTGART service must be installed and enabled!)
+ Added 5 new hotkeys for manual overclocking GPU and Memory by 1 step up or down.
+ Added new tweaks databases Video Acceleration settings and Display Tweaks.
+ Added Default buttons for Standard Tweaks window, Direct3D and OpenGL Tweaks.
+ Added options to execute applications when entering 3D mode and when leaving it.

* Updated installation procedure. Added two shortcuts to Install and Uninstall ATT Windows Shell Integration.
* Updated Shared Memory. Now FPS counter is included in global ATT Shared Memory.
* Improved command line support. Added command line options:
/LD3D [name of profile] - load Direct3D (or 3D in Control Center mode) profile
/LDGL [name of profile] - load OpenGL profile
/LDOV [name of profile] - load Overclocking profile
/LDTV [name of profile] - load Display/TV profile
/LDGP /LOADGAME [name of profile] - load Game Profile (If ATT is already started /EXIT command line parameter has no effect) /RSTCLK - reset clocks to default values
/EXIT - Exit from ATT
For example if you want to load overclocking profile and exit from ATT, you can add shortcut to ATT into Startup folder of system menu and add this command line. Always put profile name in quotation marks.
atitray.exe /LDOV "My Stable OverProfile" /EXIT
* Fixed bug when TV Properties Tab doesn't visible with extended desktop mode. Now TV Options will be accessible all times, even if you don't have TV attached to the board.
* Updated screenshot system. Added support for JPG/PNG file creating. Screenshot without active game always will be saved as BMP.
* Fixed broken support for temperature monitoring and fan control for ASUS 9800XT boards.
* Improved OSD rendering in situation when game clipped part of screen with ViewPort.
* Fixed error with hotkeys (Hide/Show FPS/FlashOSD)
* Updated Advanced Tweaks editor
* Updated "No overclocking" mode. If you Radeon doesn't supported by ATI Tray Tools (IGP series) you can disable all overclocking functions in atitray.ini. Set opt_disable_ovr value to 1. In this mode all modules depended on GPU and Memory clocks will be disabled. For example Overclocking, hardware monitoring, Auto 2d/3d Overclocking and so on. But you still can use all other functions!
* Fixed wrong OSD color calculation for some old Direct3D (D3D 7/6/5) games.

Download here.

ivanmmj - Yes, Ray Adams is ATI Tray Tool's author. Sorry to hear you had problems with them.

Shloppy Aug 18, 2005 01:42 PM

ATI Tray Tools (August 18, 2005)
* Updated display rotation module.
* Update device names database
+ Added Catalyst A.I. control into Direct3D submenu
* Improved OSD support for OpenGL games and applications.
* Moved all I2C control functions into kernel mode driver.
+ Added option in General Settings to disable reset clocks before suspend mode.
* Update "OSD Example" plug-in. Added option to show power status. (Battery life time)
+ Added new auto overclocking mode depended on computer power status.

Download here.

Shloppy Sep 28, 2005 05:08 AM

ATI Tray Tools (September 28, 2005)
[+] Added support for Adaptive anti-aliasing mode. Substantially improves visual image quality by enabling supersampling anti-aliasing on transparent textures, and multi-sampling anti-aliasing on all other textures. This delivers exceptional levels of image quality, while maintaining very high levels of performance. (Only Catalyst 5.9 and up and only if supported by hardware)
[+] Improved Adavanced Registry Editor
[+] Added experimental tweaks database "Multi Thread Support"
[+] Added small benchmark module (with ability to compare with predefined results from all popular ATI Boards) into Overclocking window. This benchmark use Speed settings for all Catalyst values like AA/AF and so on.
[F] Fixed error when ATT try to load unavailable color profile
[+] Added support for X800 VE, X800 GT, X850 SE
[F] Fixed system resource leaks with HotKeys enabled[*] Updated list if supported SmartShader effects.[*] Updated internal Game Launcher. Now you can created two and more profiles for single executable file and run it from ATI Tray Tools tray menu or create shortcuts (from Game Profiles window) to apply different 3D settings for single game. If you start game as standard Windows shortcut or directly form any file manager, ATT still will detect it and apply settins regarding to the first found entry in list of registered games.
[+] Added default 3D profiles in installation package[*] Improved I2C control functions
[+] Added option to disable I2C control functions. No need in I2C if your board doesn't have temperature sensor.[*] Improved FAN control and FAN Duty cycle reading for ASUS boards.
[+] Added temperature monitoring and FAN control support for Abit boards with WinBond sensor.[*] Now screenshots system can create jpg/png files even if there is no game is active.

Download here.

Dwarden Sep 28, 2005 02:12 PM

this should be sticky in normal card forum too :) ... i was going to post new build in one of them ... but used search and noticed this one ... gj

Shloppy Oct 4, 2005 10:15 PM

ATI Tray Tools

* Updated core and product names database. Included X1300, X1800 information
* Fixed bug in Display Detection procedure in Windows 64
* Fixed error with ScreenShot file name generation
* Fixed bug with Custom Game profiles.
* Added option in Advanced Direct3D Tweaks database to force support for Adaptive AA

Download here.

Dave Oct 19, 2005 07:11 AM (october 19, 2005)

  • Added option in atitray.ini to enable old I2C control method. Used prior 750 build.
  • Added option in atitray.ini to turn on OLD BIOS detection procedure
  • Added support for F75363/F75363SG sensors
  • Added new option to configure quality of Adaptive AA. You can select from two modes. Performance
    and Quality.
  • Added new option to enable "High Quality AF". Enabling this feature may impact performance.
    This feature is not supported by all ATI graphics cards. (it seems only R5xx series can
    handle this feature)
  • Added experimental support for Digital Flat Panels and Mobile LCD Panels.
    F Fixed error when ATT tries to read clocks and unable to start if clocks equal 0
    even if overclocking was disabled.
    F Fixed error in Game Profile creating procedure when the game name contains ampersand chars
    F Fixed bug with wrong BIOS detection procedure
  • Redesigned Direct3D and OpenGL configuration dialog boxes
  • Updated TV/Display module. Added experimental support for old Radeon boards (less than 9500)
  • Improved ATT shared memory update procedure
Download here

timdog Jan 8, 2006 05:14 PM

When I run ATT, I get an error that says "Unable to retrieve video card BIOS information! Please report to developer about your board!" before anything can load. I have a Sapphire X1800XL video card and I really don't want to run CCC.

Chezus Jan 8, 2006 06:20 PM


Originally Posted by timdog
When I run ATT, I get an error that says "Unable to retrieve video card BIOS information! Please report to developer about your board!" before anything can load. I have a Sapphire X1800XL video card and I really don't want to run CCC.

While installing check the 'disable overclocking' option.

Shloppy Jan 20, 2006 06:42 AM (January 9, 2005)

* Fixed bug when ATT produce BSOD at start up on some motherboards like Asus P5WD2
* Improved current 3D settings detection on new Catalyst installation
* Fixed bug with wrong detection of current level of Adaptive AA.
* "Save Icon Position" module now will save positions for each resolution you will use. Saved positions are incompatible between different resolutions.
* Added new module in monitoring graphs. "Motherboard Resources". Now you can directly monitor temperatures, voltages on your motherboard! Big thanks to OverSoft team for SIO Engine plugin. Full supported sensors Winbond: W83627HF, W83637HF, W83627THF, W83782D, W83781D, W83697HF, W83627EHF ITE: IT8705F, IT8712F. Abit uGuru. Partially supported Winbond W83647HF, Asus AS99127F, Fintek F71872. This module in beta test stage.
* Added support for custom FPS color in game profiles. Only for OpenGL/Direct3D8/Direct3D9 Games and applications. For old Direct3D and DirectX games (Direct3D7/6/5) custom FPS color will be used only if game will use 32 bits color format in rendering procedure.
* Updated Core names database. Included information about R580, R600, RV370X, RV371, RV530 LE/SE/VE chips.
* Added information about X1900 boards
* Now Overclocking and Monitoring disabled by default for R5xx boards. Until I find more information about overclocking new ATI chips.
* Now ATT will not update Monitoring Tray Icons if registered games is active.
* Moved all overclocking procedures into Kernel mode driver.
* Updated I2C procedures.
* Updated OSD plugin "Motherboard resources". Added support for internal ATT Motherboard monitor sources.
* Updated plugins API. Included functions to access internal Motherboard monitor information. Some function has been updated for OSD Plugins. Please refer to readme.txt in plugins folder. All third party runtime and OSD plugins with configuration procedures must be updated.
* I2C Dump procedure now can be directly accessed in System Information module.
* Fixed wrong CRT + TV detection in System Information module.
* Updated texture LOD adjustment procedure. Now you can select positive value, which can increase performance, but in result of very bad quality.
* Added support for HDTV modes in Display module.
* Improved TV/Display module support under Windows XP 64
* Fixed situation when ATT unable to properly detect supported display types
* Fixed bug when ATT lockups in System Information module under Windows 64.
* Updated ATT Shared Memory. Included information about free Video/Texture memory, current 3D api and System Memory used by game. Last two fields will be updated only if any 3D application is active and in FlashOSD interval.
* Recreated color correction procedure. Now colors will be changed automatically on all available displays. Added support for color correction on X1300/X1600/X1800/X1900
* Added option in Game Profiles to adjust interval in seconds in which ATT will check and update current colors in game. Default value is 10 seconds.
* Fixed incorrect FPS color rendering for DirectX and old Direct3D games

Shloppy Jan 20, 2006 06:43 AM

* Added new configuration option (in atitray.ini) to exchange GPU and Environment temperatures
* Fixed wrong temperature display in Overclocking window if SharedMemory was disabled
* Fixed issue when ATT unable to restore current colors after game end
* Fixed isuue when ATT shows incorrect values for free Video and Texture memory in FlashOSD module

Download here.

Shloppy Feb 3, 2006 03:22 AM

* Updated core names database. Added information about R505 chips.
* Improved "High precision" overclocking mode for X8xx boards. Now ATT can set more accurate values for requested GPU and Memory clocks.
* Resrticted I2C scan procedure up to 0x4F address.

Download here.

Shloppy Apr 14, 2006 06:13 PM Release Candidate
* Overclocking for X1300/X1600/X1800/X1900 disabled in this release due to lack of information and without hardware sample in my laboratory.
* Fixed ATT loading bugs in Windows 2003 Server when Hardware acceleration is disabled.
* Fixed bug in 3D Scanner when ATT enters into infinite loop
* Updated new "Apply 3D settings" method.
* Support for TRUFORM now disable if detected Catalyst version more than 5.9
* Improved Auto FAN Control method for FinTek sensors. Now you can manually adjust RPM in temperature table.
* Updated Monitoring Graphs module to support new monitoring sources
* Updated kernel mode I2C procedures.
* Geometry Instancing now can be included in 3D profiles
* Reverted color correction procedure to old type, when you can adjust color individually for different displays.
* Updated internal benchmark module. Now benchmark will render two scenes, first in max speed mode and second one in max quality mode. And benchmark will be run on full screen mode (1024x768x32bit)
* Updated Color calculation procedure. All color profiles must be recreated.
* Updated Sound Recorder. Now you can configure input source and level of recording signal directly in ATT.
* Added temperature monitoring, voltage monitoring and fan control for R5xx boards (X1600/X1800/X1900)
* Added new X1600 and X1900 DevieID's in database.
* Added deinterlacing method adjustment in Video Overlay module
* Added 3:2 pulldown support
* Added support for new TV Video standards
* Added voltage monitoring for video board with FinTek sensor (Mostly used by ASUS)
* Added option to change Jpeg quality for screenshots.
* Updated start up modes option. Now you can select how ATT will start with Windows. Via registry or via StartUp menu folder.
* Update "Switch rotation" hot key. Now it will switch between 0 and 180, or 90 and 270 and vice versa
* Updated Injection code procedures to prevent games from crash if used with "fake" Direct3D9 dll file.

Download here or here.

Shloppy Apr 21, 2006 01:44 PM

* Fixed bug with auto fan control on R5xx boards (X1600/X1800/X1900)
* Updated injection code to allow to use custom made (fake) d3d dll files.
* Fixed bug with loading color profile using hot keys

Download here or here.

Shocky Apr 28, 2006 04:10 PM

Will you be making a version which enables overclocking for X1800/1900 cards?

Shloppy Apr 29, 2006 09:26 PM

Ray Adams is the creator of ATI Tray Tools, for queries on it's supported cards, I'd recommend you post any questions here.

Shloppy Mar 28, 2007 06:30 PM

* Added new overclocking method for X1xxx boards with Overdrive support. "Driver Level overclocking".
Near the same method first was introduced in RivaTuner and then in ATITool.
What will this method do ?
1. Overclocking will be done by Catalyst itself like Overdrive
2. Voltage will be applied by driver for GPU and by ATT for memory. Only for hardware with voltage regulator
3. ATT will emulate Overdrive job, but will allow to set clocks when you want it instead of when you
run full screen 3D application.
4. This should work even if you didn't disable ATI HotKey poller! And clocks will not reset by that service in 3D games
5. With this method clocks shouldn't not resets when you play any video files (tested on my 1800XT)
6. More stable overclocking.
7. You can create full featured overclocking profiles in ATT and use them in game profiles.
8. For Video board without OverDrive support ATT will use alternative method for overclocking like used in ATI WinClk and also
in last release of RivaTuner.

But this method has some disadvantages:
1. Big steps for clock regulators. For GPU about 6Mhz and about 9Mhz for Memory.
2. Not all voltages can be applied. Try not to set voltage less than 1.1000 and voltage can not be applied if video
doesn't support voltage control.
* Improved Overdrive 3 support. Now ATT will calculate nearest possible clocks before applying.
[+] Added Japenese, Finnish translations
[+] Added option to include clocks in Overclocking Profile. Now you can create profile just for FAN or for Voltage control
without GPU and Memory clocks. "C" means that profile has Clocks included.
* Updated user interface in some dialog windows.
* Updated "New AA & AF Methods" database. Added a lot of experimental options to improve antialiasing methods

Download here.

Shloppy Mar 28, 2007 06:34 PM

[F] Fixed procedure to display memory clocks as DDR in Overclocking Window.[*] Updated tray icon
[+] Added hotkeys to switch monitor rotation between 0/90 and 0/270
[+] Added Romanian translation[*] Updated existing translation files
[+] Added Memory IO voltage control for X1xxx video boards.
[+] Updated GUI interface for some dialog boxes[*] Updated core names database
[+] Added 500ms delay before restoring previous 3D settings after exiting from game. If this included in game profile.[*] Updated text rendering procedure in FlashOSD module[*] Updated overclocking support for RV570 and RV560 boards. Thanks Unwinder for help and information.

Download here.

Healthy Diet May 30, 2010 06:24 AM

* Updated core and product names database. Included X1300, X1800 information
* Fixed bug in Display Detection procedure in Windows 64
* Fixed error with ScreenShot file name generation
* Fixed bug with Custom Game profiles.
* Added option in Advanced Direct3D Tweaks database to force support for Adaptive AA

acroig May 30, 2010 01:30 PM


Originally Posted by Healthy Diet (Post 1336267959)
* Updated core and product names database. Included X1300, X1800 information
* Fixed bug in Display Detection procedure in Windows 64
* Fixed error with ScreenShot file name generation
* Fixed bug with Custom Game profiles.
* Added option in Advanced Direct3D Tweaks database to force support for Adaptive AA

Latest ATT can always be DL from here:

http://cid-a50350ea7a969f0c.skydrive...c/attsetup.exe is latest as of this day.

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