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Uriel Nov 17, 2001 07:03 AM

still too large AVI-files
ok, so I use the MS MPEG4v3 codec
set at 100% crispness, 10 keyframe interval and 6000 kbps

I capture with MMC7.2 at 320*240 25 fps, 44khz 16 bit audio and get roughly a 60 MB file for 5 minutes
then I compress the audio using the Lame MPE3 codec at 128 kbps
and then I get a 20 MB AVI file as the result, and the quality isn't even that great (very avarage half-ass DVD-rip)
with WMA for DivX v2 audio codec the file gets down to 12 MBs at 64kbps 44khz but I can't hear any sound at all
same thing if I use the MS WMA audio codec v2, no sound

but still, the main problem is that the videofiles get too large
I can get

oops, just realised that I'm capturing a 5 minute AVI, not 1 minute hehehehe
that's pretty good 175 minutes on one 700 MB cd or 300 minutes if I manage to get that damn WMA for DivX v2 working, maybe the codec isn't registered properly for decoding just encoding?

ehh, is my math right
5 minutes is 12 MBs
700 Mbs divided by 12 Mbs is ~58, ~58 times 5 is 291
12 divided by 5 is 2.4, 700 Mbs divided by 2.4 is 291
damn I've always had an A in maths now I can't even get this right(?)

well that's freakking great, but the video isn't that great, maybe I should up the resolution?

and if anyone has a solution for WMA for DivX or the ordinary WMA codec I'd be greatful

well, enough ranting

filipcza Nov 20, 2001 06:59 AM

I didn't check your math, but if you are capping from TV or tape, then there is probably noise, which will degrade the result. I would do this to get the best possible result:

1. capture in larger resolution, preferably using huffyuv(need a lot of diskspace, but you should use this, because it's lossless)
2. use some filters to get rid of the noise
3. crop any borders there might be(those degrade result)
4. resize the video back to some acceptable resolution, depending on desired filesize(to be safe, the resolution should be multiple of 16)
5. encode to final video along with the audio

steps 2-4 can be done at once, at least in virtualDub.

Hope this helps

Uriel Nov 20, 2001 08:51 AM

any suggestion as to what I should set the noise filters level to?
in Virtual Dub that is

filipcza Nov 21, 2001 02:18 AM

I use smartsmoother at it default levels. I like this filter because it seems to take away noise and at the same time make the picture sharper, which is amazing. That filter must be downloaded from somewhere..sorry I don't remember where. Maybe you should go to virtualdub's home page and look in filters, there are some links to other filters. Some people use several noise reduction filters at once. So maybe you should read on this. There are quides to filters somewhere also. Sorry I can't be more specific.

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