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Eisberg Nov 22, 2017 01:02 AM

Anyone have or tried Jedi Challenges?
Anyone have or tried Jedi Challenges?
How is it? Is it really fun? Worth the $200? I read they plan on adding more and more games for it over time, and the potential for non star wars games as well.

|MaguS| Nov 22, 2017 05:52 PM

I tried it. Its neat but you need the optimal set up. I found the distance between you and the enemy to be difficult to judge and your movements needs to be slower then you expect. Its a big laggy with motion. It would have been better as a VR game.

Silent-Runner Dec 4, 2017 06:54 AM

For $200? Nope, at least i wouldn't. But for geeks with too much Money on their hands, yes, of course.

Eisberg Dec 6, 2017 11:07 PM

sounds is garblely, can't understand what he is saying. :p

Eisberg Dec 26, 2017 01:46 AM

Santa brought this to our family :D
It is super fun, even gives a new work out while playing it :lol:

Eisberg Dec 26, 2017 04:45 PM

The Holo chess game (Chess game you see on the Millennium Falcon), is actually a hard game, despite it being such a simple game. Easy to learn, but hard to master.

The Strategy game, basically a tower defense game, is a lot of fun. It is fun to watch these battle happening your floor, feels like the action figures have come to life :lol: .

The light saber fighting is fun, a lot of fun. You have to block and dodge attacks.

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