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jeuda Feb 21, 2003 02:54 AM

Mobility 7500 and Mobility FireGL 7800
I think only IBM laptops carry these 7800 FGL graphics. I checked their drivers, it seems that the improvement only comes with the hardware itself. The 7800 and 7500 are using the same drivers basically.

Anyone has a different opinion? I would like to know more. Maybe can even mod my 7500 to a 7800.


jeuda Feb 24, 2003 06:39 PM

Can't even extract the original bios from laptop. Argh, anyone can advice? I used the atiflash utility, it can recognise the system, but cannot save the bios into a file.

somms Feb 25, 2003 12:46 AM

I'm able to extract the video bios files onto a bootable floppy off an M7 and a M9 installed in Dell notebooks using the following atiflash files: http://images.lunarpages.com/uxga/dos/bios/atibios.zip

jeuda Feb 25, 2003 03:37 AM

i used the same utility. Still not able to extract.

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