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DingDing Jul 19, 2008 09:18 AM

ATI 4850 problem
Have two HTPCs, both have have Zalman 160XT case. I had an ATI 3870 and ATI 2600XT, and both was working fine.

Today, I installed my new ATI 4850 to each PC. After I installed the new card(no driver yet), one PC was fine, and I could reboot and see the windows desktop, and go to control panel then uninstalled the ATI 3870 driver, and installed the ATI 4850 driver, after the reboot, I can see the windows XP was loading, at the same time, on the top right of the Zalman 160XT LCD screen, there is a box says: RGB searching, then the LCD screen changed to blue and another message pops out: No Cable.

My other Zalman don't even show the Windows desktop after I installed the ATI 4850. I can see the Xindows XP was loading, but never got further, the Zalman screen just went to black.

Any one has any suggestions? Thanks in advance !

Mystik Jul 19, 2008 01:12 PM

i would suggest uninstalling old drivers before removing the hardware instead
of doing it the way you mentioned. may not cause problems but it's a
preventative install.

i would try uninstalling the drivers you currently have (in safemode, hopefully
you can get into that without problems) and try reinstalling with the 08.7
betas from here:


although it's been reported that the official 08.7s are supposed to come out
next week.

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