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Judas Feb 23, 2005 12:23 PM

Guide to posting news - Proper formatting (very important!)
As the hail of news Rage3D continues unabated, the quality of user submitted posts shows greater diversity than ever. In order to streamline the posts in Submit News forum, there are few simple guidelines we'd like to share with you.

Please understand we created these guidelines to enhance the quality of your news articles which we're eager to publish on Rage3D front page. They were drawn up to enhance the quality of the posts you submit in this forum and following them will not require any extra work on your side in most cases.

We're sure you'll be happy with the results. Inquiries are welcome as always. Thanks.
  • Adding two empty lines above and below the borders of the quoted text is an inclusive function of newsquote tag. Please keep this in mind when formatting your article.
  • When using the newsquote tag, please make sure the quoted text starts at the same line with [newsquote] and ends at the same line with [/newsquote].
  • Forcing Rage3D parser to format any text in black will make your news item unreadable in themes using black background. In order to remove the color information from inappropriately colored text you want to include in your news article, you should use Remove Text Formatting button instead.
  • Don't use caps unless it is grammatically correct. Conjoined names commonly found in domain names are the exception to this rule (eg. HotHardware).
  • Please use Verdana size 2 when typing your posts.
  • The probability of us posting a news covered twice on the front page is diminutive at best. A quick glance to submit news forum and the frontpage will save you time and frustration.
  • In most cases you'll need to declare your source. We believe sticking to the example given below is the best way to do it.
Source: Rage3D
  • Objective and professional commentaries are always appreciated, but they are not absolutely necessary.
  • Images embedded in news articles should not be wider than 500 pixels to appear correctly under the limited resolutions some of our readers have to abide by. 450 pixels is even better.
  • Leeching images hosted on other servers is generally a bad idea unless you have permission to do so. You may upload the pictures related to your article to ImageShack. In case that fails send them to us for hosting.
Rage3D Staff

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