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I have met one or both of these requirements but I still cannot upload an avatar. Why?
Since your custom avatar will be stored on our server, we had to place certain restrictions on their size. Currently, avatars have a maximum dimension of 80 pixels wide by 80 pixels high and a maximum filesize of 10 kilobytes. If your avatar exceeds one or both of those restrictions, it will be rejected by the server.

Avatars must also be either in .GIF, .JPG, or .PNG image formats. Other image file formats, such as .BMP and .TIF, will not be accepted by the server.

I meet the requirements, I am following the file size limits, and I am using the proper image format but I still cannot upload an avatar! What gives!
It might be that you are trying to upload an avatar immediatly after you meet the requirements. Wait an hour at most for the system to grant you the proper permission to upload an avatar. If you still cannot upload an avatar 1 hour after meeting the requirements, please contact an administrator and tell him what's up.

Remember to tell us your username when you try to contact us!

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