Tomb Raider PC Technical Review

Company: Square Enix
Author: Sean Ridgeley
Editor: Charles Oliver
Date: March 7th, 2013

Controls, UI, extra features, conclusion


Action and adventure games are historically a mixed bag on PC, controls-wise, but happily, this one fares quite well. Keys are configurable, though it's quite likely most will find no need to, as default bindings feel very natural (for the most part, it's typical shooter scheme).

In terms of responsiveness and sensitivity, I didn't need to change a thing the experience is just buttery smooth all the way through. It's the finer things like this that make it evident Nixxes actually plays PC games, and understand how important it is to have perfectly optimized controls and what an appreciable difference it can make.

User interface

This is the area where Tomb Raider takes a bit of a fall. I've seen far worse interfaces on PC, but it is a a little more disappointing than it would be with some other titles to see the UI here prove just decent when every other aspect is so impressive.

Menus all respond to the mouse and keyboard mostly as you'd expect, with the main exception a serious lack of clickable 'Exit' buttons in menus. Menus on the whole are inconsistently designed, in that some are well-optimized for high resolutions and mouse and keyboard and look very professional, while others feel like early designs or almost directly ported from console (like the weapons menu) thankfully you don't encounter much of this, and in either case, even the worst of it responds well to the mouse, and gets the job done alright.

Extra features

As an AMD partner title, Lara's latest is granted support for Eyefinity, though not Crossfire (at least not officially). I haven't tested the former myself, but as you can see in the user video below, it appears to work beautifully.

As for 3D users, you're taken care of with HD3D.


Tomb Raider proves itself one of the chosen few titles you point to when asked what the fuss is about PC gaming. It's well-optimized all around and boasts rich graphics that push the envelope (as they should).

While it stumbles a little (mainly in the UI department), this is an almost technically flawless PC title, and in that regard, is well worth picking up.