Sniper Elite 3 PC Technical Review

Company: Rebellion
Author: Sean Ridgeley
Editor: Sean Ridgeley
Date: July 3rd, 2014

Controls and user interface, conclusion

Controls and user interface

Controls are extremely smooth, the camera appropriately responsive, and mouse sensitivity feels right by default. Tweaking options include inversion, mouse acceleration and smoothing (ick), auto view centering, X and Y axis sensitivity settings for general purpose and for when scoped in, and fully customizable key bindings. A commendable list, to be sure.

Accessing items via the radial menu or hotkeys is quick and easy, the HUD is appropriately sized for high resolutions and doesn't have too many elements crowding the screen, and the Loadout menu is extremely well optimized for keyboard and mouse and just in general, and has a handy comparitor. Because of all this, it's very easy to decide which weapon and accessories you want and why, as it should be (but sadly often isn't).


It's very rare there's nothing negative I can say about a game's PC optimization, but that's the case here. Sniper Elite 3 looks great, performs great, controls great, and has plenty of options to fiddle with. Thankfully, the gameplay is pretty enjoyable too. As such, I highly recommend picking it up if you're into sniping and appreciate thoroughly optimized games.