Sleeping Dogs PC Technical Review

Product: Sleeping Dogs
Author: Sean Ridgeley
Editor: Eric Amidon
Date: August 14th, 2012

User interface, extra features, DRM, conclusion

User interface

This is the only area where Sleeping Dogs suffers significantly. While most menus are slick and laid out appropriately for high resolution monitors, a few are not, and many don't respond to mouse input only keyboard. Even the ones that do sometimes aren't as responsive as they could be, or are nonsensically responsive to the point where I'm clicking mostly randomly to achieve a desired effect.

It wouldn't be unfair to think this was the element that ended up lower on the priority list, and a little strapped for time, the development team didn't give it the same level of polish as the visuals and performance. With any luck, it will be patched possibly even day one.

The HUD, however, is perfectly appropriate, and can even be scaled as you see fit, or turned off altogether for screenshot or machinima purposes.

Extra features, DRM

If you're the type with money to burn and put some into 3D equipment and/or a multi-montor setup, you're in luck here: Sleeping Dogs supports 3D, Eyefinity, and Surround for those with the gear, and of course there are a few options to let you tweak each.

In the social deparment, the game sports a hub with stats that track awards, race times, high scores, online challenges you can send to friends or receive from them, and more. If you're the speed running type, perfectionist, or just have a favourite mission or three, you can replay missions as you please via the hub.

DRM with this one is the ever popular Steamworks, which is a lot more convenience than hassle, at least in my opinion.

Miscellaneous notes: Alt-tab support is perfectly smooth, introductory movies are all skippable with one simple key press (if only this could be standardized), and mid-game saves are supported, as is auto saving, though quicksaves are not.


Though its history with the PC has been mixed, publisher Square Enix seems to have really been putting its weight behind the platform lately with titles like Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the Final Fantasy 7 update, Hitman: Absolution, a bunch of others, and now Sleeping Dogs.

The title has taken me by surprise with equally compelling gameplay and PC features. And where the latter has served as almost a last minute footnote, it's really something commendable. To put it another way: this is a PC version done right in almost every way that counts.

Sleeping Dogs launches August 17 on PC. In North America, it's digital only.