Divinity Original Sin PC Technical Preview

Company: Larian Studios
Author: Sean Ridgeley
Editor: Sean Ridgeley
Date: January 23rd, 2014

Graphics options, visuals, performance, controls, conclusion

Graphics options, visuals, performance

As with the 3D Divinity games, graphics options are plentiful and useful, and include staples like Texture Quality, V-Sync, Anti-aliasing, and Ambient Occlusion, among many others.

Graphics are higher fidelity than you might expect from an isometric RPG; scenes and art design benefit most noticeably from liberal use of strong shadow work, Ambient Occlusion, and Bloom.

Framerate stays solidly between 65 and 75. While the consistency is great, the visuals are not so demanding as to yield somewhat low numbers like this. Also, stuttering is subtle but frequent. This is alpha, though, and Larian openly acknowledges on the title screen that the game isn't optimized yet. It's quite playable, mind you; if you're obsessed with low latency, high framerate performance like I am though, it will be enough to make you eager for patches.


Controls are in a somewhat weak state, at least for now: about one-third of them can be rebound, no mouse settings are present, overworld movement is far too slow, you can't swap items between characters (unless I'm missing something, which is possible), and there's no ability to control your character properly while zoomed in a la Dragon Age. You can zoom in, but controls remain the same. It's my feeling if you're going to offer the zoom option in an isometric game, you should also offer a traditional 3D control scheme to go with it, for people that like to play that way.

Again, this is alpha, and I expect some if not all of these issues to be rectified by launch.

On the positive side, controls are intuitive and the UI works well enough and includes some essentials many RPGs unforgivably miss, like weapon and armor comparison stats and a 'show loot' hotkey.


Larian's latest is rough around the edges right now, but shows promise, and could be the tactical RPG many fans of the genre are looking for. If you really love this stuff and don't mind a lack of polish for the next little while, it could be a good buy. If you want a refined game, wait a month or a few for the inevitable onslaught of patches.

Divinity: Original Sin is available now on Steam Early Access for $39.99.