Crysis 3 Beta Performance Analysis

Product: Crysis 3 Beta
Company: EA
Author: Sean Ridgeley
Editor: Charles Oliver
Date: February 7th, 2013

Framerate test, microstutter test

Framerate test

The purpose of this test is to provide a general and basic idea of where the Crysis 3 beta sits performance-wise, by displaying the minimum, maximum, and average framerates, respectively.

Results show even on an empty server and a very formidable GPU, the Very High setting is quite demanding -- framerate never exceeds 60, despite VSync being turned off. Still, gameplay feels quite smooth.

Microstutter index test

Because the data involved in traditional framerate testing is so limited, raw numbers are not necessarily accurate to the 'feel' of playing a game. That is to say, while you may report an average framerate of 50, due to your variable framerate, it could well feel more like an average of 40.

Using the Microstutter program (which accounts for variable framerates in order to produce a more accurate 'perceived' average framerate figure), the Crysis 3 beta showed an average of 52.489fps, less than one frame below the FRAPS reported figure (53.724). As such, it can be concluded any stuttering in Crysis 3 (at least in these test conditions) does almost nothing to impact smoothness of gameplay.