Castlevania Lords of Shadow PC Technical Review

Author: Sean Ridgeley
Editor: Sean Ridgeley
Date: August 29th, 2013

Controls, UI, conclusion


By default, the setup is based entirely around the keyboard. Specifically, the WASD keys for movement, and JKL and UIO keys for most other actions, including combat actions. While it's bearable, reconfiguring your setup to take advantage of the mouse (as seen in the screenshot here) makes for a massive improvement. Note all keys can be reconfigured and to whatever keys and buttons you like.

Sadly, the mouse is not supported for menu control nor camera control, so some may want to use the Xbox 360 controller, which is fully supported. If you're like me and staunch about using the keyboard and mouse wherever possible, you should find yourself mostly happy.

User interface

This is where the game suffers most. The HUD is mostly nice and well-optimized, but the onscreen font used for subtitles and hints comes off as ugly and amateur, and the lack of mouse controls for menus and complete lack of menu tweaking for PC makes for one big headache anytime you have to get something done there.

The design is bearable and shouldn't be enough to dissuade you from an otherwise pretty enjoyable game, but just be warned it could've been a lot more in this regard, and made for a significantly more pleasurable experience as such.

On the bright side, there are options to hide portions of the HUD for screenshot or video recording purposes, or just for immersion, should you see fit.


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is lacking somewhat in the controls department and a lot in the UI department, but the sum of it all is this: it's a great looking game that plays pretty well with mouse and keyboard.

If you're willing and able to overlook some of its issues (or just use a controller and not suffer them at all), you should find yourself in for a pretty enjoyable port worth your money. I only hope that Konami, having finally found its way to PC again with something that's not PES does an even stronger job with its next title.