Product: ATI Catalyst 10.2, 10.3
Company: AMD
Authour: James Prior
Editor: Charles Oliver
Date: February 17th, 2010
Catalyst 2010 - The New Cat in Town

ATi Radeon
ATi Radeon
Today marks the launch of a new ATI Catalyst driver suite - with extra special sauce. Beginning with the Catalyst 10.2 release, and enhanced with the Catalyst 10.3 release, AMD implements several exciting new features designed to improve the end-user experience of Radeon products - desktop and mobility alike.


AMD's ATI Catalyst driver team strives to deliver 12 yearly official updates. Most often these coincide with calendar months, leading the Year.Release# format to be believed to be Year.Month. This has been a source of frustration for some gaming enthusiasts, as they watch the days of the month tick by with no catalyst release to add game profiles for their new favorite title.

To address some of these concerns, AMD has re-architected their ATI Catalyst Drivers to allow more flexibility and hopefully deliver faster improvements for gaming enthusiasts.

The changes in Catalyst 10.2 are:

  • ATI CrossFireX profiles - Download direct from Rage3D before anyone else!
  • ATI CrossFireX re-architecture
  • Ultra Low Power State
  • ATI CrossfireX for Eyefinity
  • DisplayPort Audio

Coming in Catalyst 10.3:

ATI Catalyst
ATI Catalyst

  • ATI Catalyst Mobility monthly updates
  • ATI Eyefinity Technology Bezel Correction<
  • ATI Eyefinity Technology Per Display Control
  • ATI Eyefinity Technology Multiple Display Groups
  • ATI Eyefinity Technology Display Configuration Switching
  • 3D Stereoscopic 3D driver hooks - non-propietary StereoScopic 3D support!

Now, lets examine some of the new technologies and features enabled by this new Catalyst driver suite.

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